of cabbages and kings

è giunta l'ora ormai di chiaccherar,
di cose buone da mangiar, di cavoli o di re;
di come il mare va in bollor se i gatti san volar;
godiamo allor, macche lavor, siam cavoli o siam re!

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Jul 11 '12

My mom, the Cumberbabe, v. my dad, the Hiddlestoner

  • Mom: Who's winning that BBC America fan thingy?
  • Me: Tom Hiddleston
  • Mom: NO!
  • Dad: HA!
  • Mom: How much is Benedict losing by?
  • Me: 6-7%
  • Dad: There's no coming back from that.
  • Mom: I just don't get it.
  • Dad: Have you SEEN a picture of Hiddleston?
  • Mom: Have you SEEN Sherlock?
  • Me: BBC America, you are tearing my family apart!

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Jul 8 '12

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Jun 1 '12


Dark chocolate cake with raspberry mousse filling and white chocolate buttercream.

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May 30 '12

Tom Hiddleston in “The Hollow Crown”

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