of cabbages and kings

è giunta l'ora ormai di chiaccherar,
di cose buone da mangiar, di cavoli o di re;
di come il mare va in bollor se i gatti san volar;
godiamo allor, macche lavor, siam cavoli o siam re!

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Jun 27 '12

Today I had my new Tshirt and mug.

Happy as a clam.


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Jun 22 '12


Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth at the Sat1 Morning Show [xxx

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Jun 10 '12
Yes, Tom.
I think we noticed.

Yes, Tom.

I think we noticed.

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May 22 '12

This is your army, Mr. Hiddleston.

This is your army, Mr. Hiddleston.

And you should be incredibly proud of it.

This army is made of love. A lot of it.

It is made of respect, trust and people you can always count on.

This army is my family, too.

And, you have to know, Mr. Hiddleston, that I live 9700 km away from this family.

I wake up, eat, work, sleep, smile and cry away from them.

But, once a year, like in fairytales, I can sing stupid Muppets songs in my car with them, I can take silly pictures in front of your stand-up, or I can eat shawarma pretending to be Tony Stark.

And this is my greatest joy, Mr. Hiddleston.

This is the reason we must be happy to live in this world.

So, this year, I feel like I have to thank you.

Because your joy and your attitude became ours.

Because the love you shared became ours.

And we could feel it.

And this was our GROUP HUG.


Thank you, Mr. Hiddleston.

[the cute fanart on the shoppers is made by the incredible artistic talent of sukuiddo]

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