of cabbages and kings

è giunta l'ora ormai di chiaccherar,
di cose buone da mangiar, di cavoli o di re;
di come il mare va in bollor se i gatti san volar;
godiamo allor, macche lavor, siam cavoli o siam re!

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Jul 18 '12



It’s here!!!! Birthday Video Batch! The small idea i had in my head 3 months ago!!

So very proud of this video. Thank you to Caitlin for putting it together and most of all, THANK YOU ALL for sending in your videos. This truly makes me emotional seeing everyone come together like this. From ALL over the world. China!? USA!? Disneyland!? Taiwan!? Its INCREDIBLE. My eyes are NOT dry! Honestly, SUCH a proud Cumberfan right now. I can’t thank you all enough for making this such a success.


Tomorrow, we will try and get this seen by Benedict before his actual birthday on Thursday… But for now…… 

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Apr 29 '12
Not mine. 
And I mean. 
The photo.

Not mine.

And I mean.
The photo.

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